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An 124 (Condor) Aircraft

An 124 Ruslan (Condor) The Antonov An-124, named Ruslan, is currently the largest aircraft manufactured and regularly used. The An-124 features both a rear loading ramp and a nose door that swings open upwards.
Role Heavy military transport and commercial freighter
Engines 4 Lotarev Progress D-18T, 229.9 kN
Lenght, m 69.1
Wingspan, m 73.3
Maximum take-off mass, kg 392,000
Cruise speed, kmph 865
Range with max.fuel, km 16,500
Range with max.payload, km 4,500
Ceiling, m 12,000
Crew, prs 6
Passengers 88
Payload Capacity, kg 150,000 kg